Positive change in your body and mind.

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One of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century is the plasticity of the brain—the lives we live shape the brains we develop. The Franklin Method® is at the forefront of practical neuroplasticity, showing you how to use your brain to improve your body’s function. It teaches you how to harness the transforming power of the mind and can be applied to improve all of your abilities. It all starts with the knowledge that we have the power to change.

The Franklin Method uses dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive changes in your body and mind. The Franklin Method was founded by Eric Franklin in 1994 and is taught all over the world, including at the Universities of Vienna, Cologne, and Karlsruhe, as well as the Juilliard School in New York.

Angela is fully certified in the Franklin Method and has been incorporating it into her work since 2010. Bringing together the disciplines of western and eastern science, sports psychology, and somatics, Franklin Method helps you make changes through practical techniques such as:
  • Dynamic imagery—multisensory and kinesthetic ways of using the brain to affect movement and function
  • Experiential anatomy—provides direct physical awareness of your body’s function and design
  • Reconditioning movement—integrates dynamic imagery with experiential anatomy to encourage optimal function

Benefits of Franklin Method:

  • Maximizes efficiency of movement
  • Improves posture and dynamic alignment
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Releases tension and improves function
  • Heightens body awareness