Honoring the healing capacity in each of us.

Angela established Embody Health. Wellness. Life. in 2004 to bring her passion for helping people to greatest fruition in a practice that best meets the unique needs of each individual. Drawing from multiple disciplines—Pilates, mind-body movement, Franklin Method®Health Coaching, and Occupational Therapy—she brings comprehensive expertise to provide each client with a specialized approach to improve and maintain wellbeing.

Angela collaborates with her clients to:

  • identify and enhance strengths
  • discover and explore challenges
  • inspire optimism for positive change, and
  • expand health and wellbeing

She honors the innate wisdom and healing capacity within each of us, while guiding and facilitating moving forward in purposeful, meaningful ways.

Angela’s mission to enhance the health and wellbeing of people everywhere is expressed in the publication of eight books that show how to easily incorporate mind-body movement and self-care strategies into everyday life.