Angela is a truly wonderful trainer and health coach. Client needs come first, and she genuinely cares about each client’s wellbeing. She has superb perception and assessment skills and creates a relaxed and open environment. She also has a wonderful ability to be direct without antagonizing or judging. If I were strapped for cash, and the basic necessities were covered, Angela would be next in line. She is that good, and that important to me.

John Watson, Minnetrista

I’m amazed at the level of recovery I’ve achieved thanks to Angela’s expertise and encouragement. With her intuitive listening and seemingly bottomless toolbox, she customizes each session to help you address your precise needs. Plus, you can carry the principles that you learn in the studio into your daily life. Angela is a skilled professional and a joy to work with!

Tracy Giannini, St.Louis Park

I like working with Angela because she not only helps me physically, but she also listens to important events in my life. It is a total Gestalt: mind, body and spirit. Angela has a sense of humor and is very pleasant. She is also very skilled and competent. Pilates with Embody has helped improve my posture and other areas prone to injury—like hips, ankles and shoulders. I even grew taller by 1/4 inch, measured by two different clinics!

Elizabeth Abraham, Minneapolis

I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been seeing Angela for nine years. I have benefited from core strength training and amazing stretching exercises. Angela provides individualized attention to weak areas and asks, “What does your body need today?” Because of her, I am much more in tune with my body. I have learned exercises and stretches that I can do in my home that increase my functionality and reduce pain.

Betty Perry, Minnetonka

Angela finds out what I need—both by asking and observing—and utilizes movements, exercises and practices from many methodologies so that I am best served. She’s got a holistic approach—and knows of other health-related activities and the benefit of their synergy. I’m proud that elements of the core work and breathing are almost second nature and are incorporated into other exercise work I do. And there are many times and places that include movement that previously I wouldn’t have thought to do.

One of the things I love best about Angela is just her “being.” She’s calm and grounded, and that transmits to me in the partnership we have created that focuses on my wellbeing. So the benefits I receive are not just movement-related, but encompass how I can be the best me.

Kim Strickland, Brooklyn Park

In the spring of 2008, I was recovering from my second back surgery. My herniated disc was a result of bad posture and excessive loading on my lower back. I wanted to fix my back issues once and for all, which had been plaguing me for six years.

Within six months of starting weekly Pilates sessions with Angela, I felt robustness in my lower back again. I could start rowing and cross country skiing at pre-back-issue levels. My core felt stronger than at any stage in my life. Pilates brings a needed balance to my fitness and wellbeing. It has emphasized the importance of stretching, flexibility, core strength, breathing and balance in my training and day-to-day function.

Finbarr McCarthy, Maple Grove

Angela is wonderful to work with. She listens to your concerns and changes up her Pilates structure to meet your needs. Her Pilates training, in addition to her background in occupational therapy and health coaching give me the best Pilates workout and keeps me coming back.

My issues included problems with my neck, stress carried in my shoulders with shooting pains down my arm, migraines, and getting less flexible as I get older. I go to my chiropractor a lot less now that I work with Angela. I also get fewer migraines, the shooting pain down my back has gone from frequent to rare, and I remember to move more frequently to keep my body agile.

Susan Heidorn, Champlin

For years I had severe back and neck pain. I tried chiropractic care, massage and cervical steroid injections along with various pain medications. Then I began Pilates under the guidance of Angela Kneale. Pain no longer limits my life and I am in better physical shape than at any time in the past 20 years.

The stretching and core strength training offered by Pilates along with Angela’s previous training in occupational therapy and her extensive knowledge in all aspects of health coaching make her uniquely qualified to help young and old alike to live a more healthy and physically active life.

Don Warner, Eden Prairie

I am so grateful to Angela for helping my girls become healthier and more aware of their bodies. She has had a LASTING impression, not only with physical outcomes, but also with mental mindsets and attitudes. Angela embodies “therapeutic use of self” and the techniques used have helped Zoe and Carly develop strength, symmetry, and posture to reduce pain and improve function. More importantly, however, is Angela’s ability to form trusting relationships and impart wisdom without judgment.

Zoe came to Angela with core weakness, asymmetries due to scoliosis, and shoulder pain. The positive results of her sessions reach beyond the studio and into her daily life. Zoe has strengthened her core and shoulders, reduced pain, practices posture strategies daily to maintain optimal function, and integrates healthy habits into her daily routines. My younger daughter, Carly, has experienced drastic reduction in frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines, improved body symmetry and coordination, and exhibits better posture and confident movement.

Angela has created a calm and inviting environment that promotes trust and healing. She has taught my teenage daughters to listen to and respect their bodies. This is a lesson that most adults have not learned yet. I would and DO recommend Angela to anyone looking to recover from an injury or to improve general physical wellbeing and positive mindsets.

Sandy Klein-Mirviss, Plymouth

I came to Angela for a pinched nerve in my neck after a cortisone shot did not help. Angela worked with me two days a week and also gave me therapy items and stretches to help relieve pain. After seeing her only a few times I was completely hooked. Once we got the pain shooting down my arm to subside it was time for strengthening and stretching as well as prodding to change some bad habits.

The transformation has been incredible. I have had no real problems with my neck and we focus on many other areas as well. My golf game has improved greatly as has my overall health. Angela is one of the most incredible, smart and gifted people I have encountered. I’m lucky that I decided to be open-minded and try a different approach.

P. J. Mirviss, Plymouth

I have done Pilates with Angela for over four years, and the payoff in muscle tone and fitness far outweighs the work I seem to put into it. This is very different than going to the gym and other forms of exercise that always seem like work. The deep rhythmic breathing required for Pilates leaves me more centered and energized.

I have been a competitive equestrian for many years, and I have had problems with stenosis in my back. Angela has helped me maintain my back at a level that has allowed me to keep riding and jumping horses, and my riding has actually improved! I hope to do Pilates until I am 100 years old! And I recommend it to everyone for enjoyment, fitness and energy.

Louise Otten, Wayzata

My Pilates experience with Angela is so much more than I expected. Yes, Pilates really does offer all the great things I had heard over the years—improving core strength, flexibility, and range of motion. In addition, I feel that I have gained body awareness, am working both sides of my body equally, and my balance has improved. As a rider, I often think that if my horse could speak she would thank Angela, too. Also, last year I was having a lot of trouble with my left foot. Angela helped me to avoid surgery, as well as be free of pain.

Patsy Clouser, Minnetrista

I started searching for relief of frozen muscles in my neck, shoulders and back ten years ago. As I worked with various practitioners the results were limited. When introduced to Angela, for the first time I became truly aware of the connection between mind and body, breathing diaphragmatically and mindful, conscious movement. Angela’s unique background and education blends anatomy, physiology, imagery, movement and mind/body connection for an inclusive and complete path to wellness.

Carolyn Hagen, Wayzata